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Since 1988, DUTCH P&I has been the knowledge center for P&I and maritime liabilities. Shipowners, port authorities, charterers, transport brokers and other stakeholders in the maritime sector can turn to our experts 24/7 for legal and nautical advice, loss prevention and risk management, guidance on condition surveys and contract management.

For advice on other matters related to activities within the maritime sector, our experienced claims and advice team is here to assist.

DUTCH P&I offers insurance solutions and advises clients in a complex working environment, in which increasing pressure from authorities and changing regulations are the order of the day. The DUTCH P&I specialists guide our customers quickly, efficiently and transparently through the risks in their business operations. In addition, they provide tailor-made advice to manage these risks. Customers are important players in their field, from offshore industry to inland shipping.
As one of the largest specialised P&I providers in the Benelux, DUTCH P&I caters for all P&I and related products on the north-European coastline.

Our offices are located in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Copenhagen

Through hard work, 24/7 availability, knowledge and market power we are sure that we are the right business partner for your company. Meet our team.